My vision of pakistan essay

my vision of pakistan essay

years we did not create the Jinnahs Pakistan, he said. Operation Search Light which was launched on March 25, 1971 to suppress what was called anti-Pakistan elements in the then East Pakistan led to the dismemberment of the country and the emergence of Bangladesh. The Reconstruction of Religious Thoughts in Islam. People dont understand what secular means. The Kargil operation in the winter of 1998-99, which was launched during the second term of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif aimed to capture strategically located heights of Kargil and Drass mountains across the line of control for tactical reasons was a source of great embarrassment. Quaid-e-Azam was not of the mindset that he had to make properties or money like our politicians today, he said.

Vision for a better Pakistan

my vision of pakistan essay

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Such an inference is inescapable because as long as Pakistan had not come into being Jinnah had to accept that all those included in the census records as Muslims were Muslims in so far as they could claim the right to vote in separate reserved. Perhaps, Jinnah didnt visualize that in the coming years, Pakistan would deviate from the path which was set by him and transform as a state viewed by the world as instable, corrupt and violent. Even in terms of Muslim sects, he maintained a clear policy that anyone who professes to be a Muslim is a Muslim. Justice Nassera Iqbal, Allama Iqbals daughter-in-law and lawyer believes, Jinnahs vision was that Muslims should have an independent state where they can practice their religion freely and live peacefully. If one sneaks a peek into history pre General Ziaul Haq era, one would find Pakistan to be relatively an open society, despite our objective resolution that was based on the lines of Islam. He wanted a progressive and enlightened country with equal opportunities for everyone even the females. After 70 years we are still not very clear what Jinnah wanted may be if he had survived a few more years things would have been different, But its not hard to understand from all the content that is found in his speeches that. Seven core issues which were considered essential by the study along with the suggestions for a better Pakistan were: strengthening democratic institutions, strengthening the rule of law, improving human development and social services, especially in health and education, developing the energy infrastructure, assisting the victims. Pakistan could not have won freedom without the untiring efforts of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. Read more: Aisa Bibi case: SC hears appeal against death sentence.

For Jinnah each vote was important to win the election of 1946. Today Pakistanis have to confront the reality that Pakistan was born with just the. Pakistanis also must realize that their social backwardness, low quality of life, societal violence and economic predicament has much to do with their own failure to inculcate habits which are responsible, honest, knowledge friendly and conform to proper work ethics. Is it not true that three major adventures which caused Pakistan a great deal of harm and damaged its position happened when the military was at the helm of affairs or had a dominant role in matters of statecraft?