Great essays on memories of my school days

great essays on memories of my school days

times. After gaining a qualification as a paramedic I started to man ambulances in my hometown near Düsseldorf. He was very surprised the hut was still standing, moreso that it was used as a main form room. I can't remember however if she remained at wcgs or may have left to continue at a private school. Yes, I'm sure it was top because I got 60 and Miss Lerrigo was not happy! Goodness knows why - though like your dreams, Freud undoubtedly would! HBS has an outstanding reputation for offering these things, and my research confirms. Lunch at the boys' school was in the hall, and we girls sat at the prefects' table on the platform.

Thamesweb - We have seen this picture before of the Girls' School in Osborne Road, by the King's Road junction. As I've written before, these older girls to me were more like 'ladies' than school girls. Seeing your posting, with her name there, jogged the grey cells a bit. I was very proud then that I'd 'passed the scholarship (as we all said and wearing my green blazer especially pleased. We all loved her. I'm still amazed at how something like the name of a play, or a certain phrase, can nudge the memory into life. We all ditched them in our second year as they were no longer mandatory. Likewise, at the beginning of each term, we'd sing the 'opposite welcoming us back to school, and blessing us all with the hopes we'd all do well, (I think). Instead of going up the stairs, walk along beside them towards the back wall, and there was a door in the wood panelling which was kept bolted, and there was some sort of lock on the other side. We'd give a sideways look and have a giggle, but not if a teacher or prefect was present. When I went last year, we caught fish and crab for our meals. Hazel Austin - When I passed the 11 and went to the girls' grammar school (1954) I was lucky I also had parents willing to work several jobs to afford to keep me there.

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