Scg paper research

scg paper research

that offers excellent strength and minimum panel joints, and the S Wall system that features lightweight, strength, and quick installation. The film also allows for easy opening while preventing spills and contamination of scrap plastic with the food. This product received SCG eco-value and Green Label certifications. Entered a collaboration agreement with the Faculty of Engineering at Chulalongkorn University to research and develop technology for petrochemical industry. They are ideal for today's construction industry faced with a persistent labor shortage. Innovation Development, cement and Building Materials Business, researched and developed SCG Eldercare Solution, a housing innovation for the elderly. Although the idea of rebranding the company seemed appealing to clients and a significant number of executives in the packaging business, other people in the PPW division were more suspicious and concerned about rebranding the company. Our scientists and engineers continually strive to create new products and improve our production processes.

SCG Packaging - Home and Office Paper

scg paper research

Mira Board first came about in the late 1990s, when Southeast Asia was experiencing a recession and SCG Paper needed a new product. In 2007, it had total revenue of over US1.3 billion, making it Southeast Asias largest paper company. SCG Paper is the third most profitable arm of the SCG conglomerate (after the cement and petrochemical divisions). This new line of solutions extends from bathroom products to encompass entire housing solutions to ensure convenience and safety. The rebranding phase was the last stage of the SCG Paper transformation journey started four years earlier. The company places much importance on enhancing its competitiveness with IP, evident through its strong R D, and believes that innovation has much greater value than simple price cutting. (uppc the largest kraft paper manufacturer in the Philippines, in order to build a paper mill and expand its market reach to the Philippines.