Ralphie writing his paper

ralphie writing his paper

he becomes Bellas Hatchi; he follows her everywhere, they play together and he loves it when she hand-feeds him. . They play together constantly. He loves to snuggle, play, easy to train and wonderful with children! We went to the vet this week to get her shots updated. The wet snow is causing tangles at his feet. We sure do love her and so does Gus. He makes me laugh every day with his wonderful personality and adorable expression on his face; he doesnt just cock his head, he actually looks at me like hes saying and so whats your point?! She loves being around other dogs and playing with them.

He will quiet down faster than she will. Wonderful smart and lovely Gorgeousdoodles, in Olymbia Washington.  He met Izzie a few weeks ago and his daughter has been researching Doodles and he said for her to call me and she did. They won cutest couple which doesnt surprise me at all! Shes fabulous and doing really well in puppy kindergarten! He is just a beautiful color.

ralphie writing his paper

GorgeousDoodles Labradoodle puppy going home. It seems Chance is only limited by our ability to think up new things for him to learn. We are so lucky to have found such a perfect pup for Luke. Finally home and Brun warmed up to Amber after several more days, Thank God. Her step dad and I became friends a few years ago in a spiritual mentorship program. Its only been a few hours and we are in love! Ziggy is just pure joy!