College thesis on memes

college thesis on memes

a friend or colleague informing the person who had the mishap of their gaffe, a formal apology is delivered, and everyone moves. A meme catches on and as its popularity grows, people mold it to fit their narratives, often till it runs completely away from its creator. A good meme would seem to transcend cultural barriers, and bring people closer. It also analyses memes as a form of political discourse, and explores how they are pushing the boundaries of how people communicate and create comedy. When your social life is non-existent. Like sharks to the scent of blood, internet users react in a form of mass hysteria, swarming the scene of an accident feeding off of the positive reinforcement given by their peers as they tear into the person at fault for their mistake. Her followers didnt want to correct her, or follow her story, they had decided she was clearly a racist, and were therefore eagerly waiting with bated breath for her total downfall. When he pushed the envelope too far in an interview, basically attempting to make sexual abuse on children a laughing matter, he wound up losing a major book deal and his job at a far right news website. With memes so often carrying the signature of someone not even knowledgeable to the fact their face or work is so far reaching, this could be like winning the lottery or being wrongfully accused of a crime.

Yet still, memes are not all powerful. In other cases it can lead to the destruction of ones life and integrity. One of the earliest recognized internet memes was made in 1990, known simply. This has left the fate of the silly purple bird somewhat questionable. Still a meme isnt all powerful, in fact a meme on its own is nothing; just a photo and a caption, or a silly video or gif. Once internet users gain control of something there is no return. When not even Ryan Gosling can make it better. With only 170 twitter followers, it is awe-inspiring to think that in the span of a single flight, she now had thousands of people from all over the country excited about her downfall. The internet had a field day, doing its best to make Trump seem like he was incapable of winning anything, much less a presidency, enacting Godwins law based on Trumps policies, and poking holes in all of Trumps myriad of proven impossible campaign promises and. Memes in their purest of forms have existed forever, but in recent years they have become a major element of our cultural consciousness.