Depression definition essay

depression definition essay

as a response to cultural conditioning and should not be viewed as such. Although dysthymic disorder shares some of the symptoms of major depressive disorder, it is milder in severity but persists relatively unchanged over long periods of time (Akiskal Cassano, 1997). As a parent you may have heard yourself or others comment that teenagers ride a rollercoaster of emotions during adolescence and as such they are always on some extreme high or down-in-the-dumps emotionally. People may go through a tough time and become temporarily depressed. Parents, teachers and some professionals, have strange ideas about teenage depression, with regards to adolescent depression. Many times, people undergoing such positive highs are often stricken with a negative low and their half-completed tasks remain uncompleted.

depression definition essay

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Depression is a symptoms of bipolar disorder. Others may sleep excessvely, but still wake up feeling tired or unrefreshed, despite the extra hours of sleep. During the menopause transition, a woman's risk of depression increases. There is also confusion surrounding the many types of depression that people experience unipolar depression, biological depression, manic depression, seasonal affective disorder, dysthymia, etc. It is a default position that a person takes on a conscious level that bores its way into the subconscious, which creates a negative feedback loop.

Though it is commonly thought that women suffer from depression more frequently than men, the study suggests that men and women may both equally suffer from depression. Life events : Major life changes and stressful events may trigger depression.

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