Friction lab report

friction lab report

is to study the differences of roughness, valves and geometries of pipe and how they influence friction losses. It was difficult not to jerk it at some points, or to maintain a nice, slow, steady upward movement. Also, through this experiment, students know some basic indexes to assess the efficiency of pumps used. Intuitively it would seem that the smoother the surface, the lower the coefficient of static friction would become.

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When an object is laid on a surface, molecules of the modest proposal analysis thesis object will form very little bonds with the molecules of the surface. We define it the normal force because it is normal, or perpendicular to the table's surface. Friction occurs when two surfaces come into contact. Therefore s mg*sin / mg*cos, or tan (Serway, 1994). Turn the wood block on its side. Set the block and soup can on a board with the largest surface of the block in contact with the surface of the board. The coefficients for the wood on its side were lower than when the wood was on the side with the most surface area. It is easier to move an object in motion rather than starting with stationary object. It is gradually increased until object moves with constant velocity.

Equation 2 states that the kinetic frictional force is a constant value any time the object is in motion. Uploaded by Fang Ying Tee. To investigate the relationship between static friction and kinetic friction. Filed Under: Term Papers Tagged With: force, mass.