Master in business administration (non-thesis) philippines

master in business administration (non-thesis) philippines

underlying objectives for students: To develop (whether they are already gainfully employed in business establishments or engaged in their own private business) the entrepreneurial and managerial ability. The student is familiarized with the expanded world of the international business by examining the underlying concepts of international economic theory; developing a framework for examining the countrys constraints (sociological, educational, economic, politico-legal) and relating them to the operations of multinational enterprises; studying the relationship. Systems to service the functional requirements of the organizations and concepts of total information systems will be considered. Founded in 1924, Miriam College offers programs at the basic, tertiary, post-graduate and adult education levels. Credit 3 units; 3 hours a week; 54 hours. 3 Units,.1, financial Management, this first part of the course covers the three inter-related financial functions; capital budgeting, corporate finance (including cost of capital, capital structure, and dividend policy and the portfolio theory. 3 Units,.7, project Research and Development. The case study method will be used extensively in this course.

Master in business administration (non-thesis) philippines
master in business administration (non-thesis) philippines

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The present UE Graduate School Dean. To foster the search for truth and the transmission and use of knowledge through scientific and systematic methods. 3 Units.6 Problems in Personnel Management This course deals with the conceptional tools and frameworks to organize ones thinking about strategic human resource concerns. English Skills the ability to read, write, and communicate well in English is necessary because most of the literature and required reading materials are in this language. Primarily it provides the graduate students with opportunities for study and research. By offering this in the disciplinary perspective, the marketer gains better understanding of hoe the various functional areas of business operations interface with marketing. This course covers the fundamentals of the accounting process, the end products of which are three financial statements namely: the balance sheet, the income statement, and the cash flow statement. Credit 3 units; 3 hours a week; 54 online professional writing certificate hours 3 Units Grand Total 42 Units The MBA (Non-Thesis) Degree Requirements To complete the MBA (Non-Thesis) Program and be awarded the degree of Master in Business Administration (MBA a candidate must meet satisfactorily the following requirements. The focus is on the relationship between the nature of the external environment of the organization, the technology it uses, and the management style, the goals, the organizational structure, the behavior of individuals and groups in the organization and its performance. At present, the UE Graduate School offers degree programs in Business, Teacher Education, Public Administration, Library Science and Environmental Science, Construction Management, and Information Management. Students have team responsibility for case analysis and presentation. Likewise, the student is acquainted with the methods applicable in the preparation of case studies and the thesis.

Master in Business Administration in the Philippines
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