Sfu online thesis submission

sfu online thesis submission

notification should happen no later than two weeks before the examination date. 1.3.8 Conditional Admission Conditional admission may be offered to an applicant who does not meet the minimum academic admission requirements but who is deemed to be substantially ready to undertake a graduate program. Time Commitment for Funding Eligibility, it is expected that students receiving research funding from the department will be devoted full time to complete their program. In addition, most departments offer publications describing their graduate programs. Graduate courses taken while admitted conditionally may be applied to the student's graduate program requirements. At most two courses may be repeated with no course being smoking facts for essays repeated more than once. All program requirements, academic unit expectations, and deadlines will remain the same.

An applicant requesting a waiver of the English language proficiency test should do so in writing and submit it with their application. Back to Top.10 Examinations.10.1 Thesis Examination The candidate shall give an oral account of the research on which the thesis is based and defend the thesis itself. The grades for each instance of a retaken course are recorded on the student's transcript with notation that the course was retaken to improve the grade.

Industry practitioners are encouraged to apply. The maximum of 30 units ensures that the required work can be completed within one year. A digital copy of the final completed thesis shall be sent to the Library together with a memorandum from the senior supervisor certifying that all required revisions have been made. Students who have not reached the time limit for their program and are discontinued from their program, may apply for reactivation in the same term in which they were discontinued and be retroactively enrolled. 1.3.10 Application for Admission Application is through the online application system:. Individual graduate programs may set a higher admission grade point average.