Dissertation reading list

dissertation reading list

the disciplines canon. My topics: western environmental histories (fraught though the term the West is histories of indigeneity in North America; African-American histories within the South. This leads me to my next point. Because I am in the humanities and not the sciences, I have no lab that requires my labor year-round. Take a good look at their syllabuses too: why did they choose the books they did for a class in your subject area? Enjoy what youre reading. As such, one of my largest tasks this summer was to make my way through a reading list. Supplement these searches with some forays into electronic archives such as Jstor, an online index such as the MLA International Bibliography, or WorldCat, an online catalogue of major libraries around the world. As I said, I come from a BA and an MA in geography and thus needed to read a number of titles were important to my interests within history.

Anything could be useful, so you must read everything. Your supervisor should be able to give you some suggestions to help you start gathering together a list of articles and customize thesis theme homepage books to consult. Now, what about any kind of literary theory: Kristeva and Lacan and Deleuze and Freud and Bakhtin. Now, bear with me: these two articles are related. Is there a relevant theme around which they are built? When to stop reading.

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