Communication in nursing essay

communication in nursing essay

partnership. If a nurses appearance is not portrayed in a professional demeanor it could harm the nurse-patient relationship from the beginning. It has been proven that poor. The situation that will be addressed was with a patient with whom I had cared extensively for over the course of a six-week placement. These styles of non-verbal communication can be grouped together to form body language.

Communication in nursing - UK, essays

communication in nursing essay

Effective communication life is beautiful short essay occurs when the receiver interprets the message exactly as the sender intended. (2006) Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing (3rd edn). This offers a good sense of well-being for the provider and client altogether giving people a chance to receive great healthcare, the right communication gives no room for error. Similarly, when interacting with patients from different cultures, consideration of dialect and often-contrary meanings is a priority in nursing practice to avoid patient misinterpretation (Creasia, 1996). The following profile has been developed in alignment with the Nursing and Midwifery (NMC 2010) competency framework, which sets the standards that nursing students must acquire prior to being placed on the nursing register. This will amplify the attitude of the nurse being an active listener, as well as showing interest in what information is conveyed. What did I do? Show sensitivity of the impact of abuse and trauma on peoples wellbeing and mental health. The nurse has to be approachable and professional, whilst making sure to avoid becoming too personally sociable with the patient/client, otherwise this could deflect the communication away from the information needed or given. However, touch can have a very positive outcome in the healing of patients, emotionally and physically. The clinical placement reflection will highlight the importance of how communication had a very relevant role upon a situation encountered on placement, and its support of the communication theory.

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