Essay on judiciary and its working

essay on judiciary and its working

operate judiciary essay oppskrift norsk to retain that trust and it is for the civil society including media to press for developing a workable mechanism. So, does that mean it is possible for a layperson without any knowledge, experience to be part of an inquiry panel against a sitting judge of a superior court? Transparent appointment process reduces corruption levels and increases accountability. Judicial independence depends upon the public acceptance of the judiciary as fair, just and honest body, the judiciary must carefully structure its investigations to assure the public that the judiciary is taking care of its own problems of corruption. However, power does corrupt and the elected representatives of the people can be prone to trampling on these rights in order to consolidate or increase their power.

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Thus, it is impossible for those who are unconnected and not resourceful though they are capable, honest and deserving. In the People's Republic of China, the final authority on the interpretation of the law is the National People's Congress. The Supreme Court in a short period of three years has brought down the number of pending cases from more than one lakh to just around 20,000 cases through systematic judicial measures based on the report Modernization of Civil Justice System: Implementation Plan of the. Care must be taken to preserve the independence of judiciary and to ensure separation of judiciary from executive. Attempts to solve judicial corruption, however, can themselves weaken the rule of law if the judiciary comes under the influence or control of the legislative or executive branch. Sabharwal had allegedly benefited his two sons, who run businesses related to construction, through his judicial decisions. Courts with judicial review power may annul the laws and rules of the state when it finds them incompatible with a higher norm, such as primary legislation, the provisions of the constitution or international law. "Indian judiciary the most powerful judiciary worldwide." LawTeacher. Impeachment, our Constitution provides for removal of a judge of the Supreme Court or the high court for proved misbehavior or proved incapacity, by what is popularly called the process of impeachment, where under two thirds of the members of each House of Parliament may. Paul, MN: West Publishing. The Nature of the Judicial Process.

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