English is a difficult language to learn essay

english is a difficult language to learn essay

battle of British. For example, she kicked the bucket, means she died you just have to know the meaning of the whole unit. Take words like dough, tough and bough writing up methodology dissertation they all have the same spelling, but are pronounced completely differently. (Read this article in Spanish here!) join 300,000 language hackers!

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Tricky Grammar, lets consider the following example: The dog I had had had had quite a few health difficulties before I took it to the vet. The reason I can take on a language in just three months is not because of exposure to a radioactive spider. Why English is Hard to Learn. While some of these points do have some merit and the first ones will be used in an argument, the last ones are actually the real reasons for arguing in the first place. For various reasons, the two most globally predominant English dialects use different everyday vocabulary to indicate the same thing,.g. For instance, Latin eventually led to modern day Romanian. German, French, Japanese, Chinese, Hungarian, Spanish, Italian, Irish, English and many more are the hardest language in the world and been absolutely convinced. If you spend six years learning a language you actually just spend an hour or so a week in many cases. The mongrel vocabulary of English, in terms of specifics, if you look at the vocabulary of English, 26 of English is Germanic in origin, nearly 30 mba entrepreneurship essays is French in origin, and nearly 30 Latin in origin. Hood (American English).

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english is a difficult language to learn essay