Abortion in the philippines thesis statements

abortion in the philippines thesis statements

A medical procedure used to end a pregnancy and cause the death of the fetus(Merriam-Webster). The moral dilemma of pregnancy underlies specific reasons related to unplanned contemporary british poetry essays in theory and criticism pregnancy or deliberate abortions are common in most of the societies. This meant that about 32,000 women became pregnant because of rape each year in the United States. As such, to kill a fetus is not considered as a murder in Judaism.

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abortion in the philippines thesis statements

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Of Camarines Norte filed House Bill 6343seeking to allow abortion in special cases (e.g., rape, congenital defects in the fetus or caseswhere the mothers life is endangered). You shall not procure (an) abortion, nor destroy a newborn child." Even the Law of Moses imposed strict penalties for abortion and knights templar research papers stated that if abortion results in serious injury or death then "take life for life, eye for eye, tooth for tooth, hand for. One group emphasizes the idea of saving human life as conception at any particular cost to such point of placing life at the top priority to the life of the fetus still to be born over the life of mother. Once, a woman was rapped by five men. Women that suffer from PAS experience drug and alcohol abuse, personal relationship problems, repeated abortions, and even suicide. The passage of HB 6343 will require amendment because theBill as it presently stands is inherently unconstitutional (Wikipedia 2008 and Tan 2008).The United Nations recognizes that abortion in the Philippines is permitted only ininstances in which the pregnant woman's life is endangered. Abortion and Philippines Laws, abortion is illegal in the Philippines and is not permitted under any circumstance. Famous religions of the world also deal with the issue of abortion. Although contraception is not allowed in Catholic teachings, the responsible attitude of couples is respected and contemporary views allow the phenomenon of family planning. It is, therefore, necessary to highlight the difference between direct and indirect abortion.